i n t e r z o n e   v i r t u a l   r e p u b l i c
r e v i l i n g   t h e   g e o g r a p h i c   n a t i o n   s t a t e   s i n c e   1 9 9 6

the datapool: a non dns-bound, distributed, ddos-immune, secure and anonymous "Eternity Project" style data-file sequestration and retrieval system (formerly "The Source", "here.sy").

freebase: a consumer-level online database creation, manipulation and analysis suite assembled from Open Source components.

Sage: a web-of-trust implementation which automatically supplements content with third parties resources such as definitions, opinions and price-guides.

Xchange: a secure, anonymous and straightforward web-based "ecommerce" system to facilitate the exchange of goods, services and currency implements.

Free Mars: a proposed International Treaty intended to guarantee multinational management of and access to off-planet resources and territories.
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www+: a selective and reorganised real-time mirror of the world wide web, with automated abstracting, natural language searches and a high level of user-feedback responsiveness.
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Interzone makes prominent
use of the word "FUCK"
to deny access to
ratings-based browsers.