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S U P E R C E D I N G   C A P I T A L I S M
Capitalism is a palaeolithic social convention which, like patrilineal inheritance and the gene for alcohol dehydrogenase, persists almost coincidentally as a component of Western Civilisation. It is at least an opportunistic infection by a memetic saprophile and at best a booster-stage component of humanity, doomed to burn up in the tail-flame of our climb to the stars.

The virtual republic represents a sociologically, environmentally and technologically sensitive progression from the "Global Free Market" model of international culture in current vogue. A rapid and ordered transition accords with utilitarian principles of minimising suffering and hardship, and our "foreign policy" objectives tend towards dismantling of impediments to such reform. For example, we encourage repeal of laws which make companies legally superior to people,  [iz symbol] we promote World Court action to prevent investors causing suffering and death by stripping wealth from economically disadvantaged societies, and we actively oppose destructive conventions such as the exclusive control of information.

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