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T H E   I N D I V I D U A L   A N D   T H E   G R O U P
Dawkins' model of evolutionary biology depicts the individual suborned to the collective pattern of the species, relevant and meaningful only as part of a reproductive group, fulfilling an totally disposable, pre-programmed role in the dark satanic mills of the genes. It is part of the human condition to recognise our sysiphean enslavement, to struggle against nature's empty promises, and utlimately to strive to throw off the dehumanising, statistically mindless yoke of our developmental history.

That the individual is paramount over the collective, and that cooperation is the most rewarding strategy for the individual, is central to interzone's socio-economic system. Collective bodies are fundamentally different to individuals—a father is not a family; a nation is not its leader; a company is not a person—and a group exists only because the individuals which comprise it chose to interact and associate with one another. However, the benefits of mutual assistance, cooperation, ensuring one's neighbour  [iz symbol] is as happy as oneself, of intimate friendship and love, unachievable by the individual alone but following almost consequentially from human interaction, make that choice an easy and richly rewarding one.

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