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N O T   T E L L I N G   L I E S
The evolving international political and economic order—"Free Market Capitalism" and Representative Democracy—is defended and promoted by a "passive conspiracy" of (ultimately shortsighted) self-interest, comprising a mass media driven to display, report and promote based purely on advertising revenues, a governmental system based on conflict and almost definitionally ingrained dis-unity, and a private sector—responsible for providing food, clothing, housing, transport, most utilites and employment, indeed for most of the requirements for life—legally bound to act exclusively to increase profit to its shareholders. Not surprisingly, dishonesty and willful misrepresentation is endemic in this system.

The interzone virtual republic will specifically and unequivocally reject the self-defeating deception of "political language", and offer up our biases and perceptions for public scrutiny and open debate.  [iz symbol] We recognise that it does not benefit our cause to attract supporters who either do not understand or do not fully concur with our open agenda, and that the acceptance of our ideals and aspirations by a majority of foreign nationals is irrelevant to our success.

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